This year it is 10 years since Qtech was founded with interesting and positive growth during this decade, where we together with your customers have developed into what we are today.

This year marks the 10th anniverasy since Qtech was founded. This deceade we have had an interesting journey with positive growth and together with you, our customers, we have developed into what we are today.

To celebrate this occasion, we are planning for a fast-paced customer day with an emphaisis on sustainability and our common future ambitions. We sincerely hope that you will have the opportunity to join us this day in Anderstorp on 30/6. Please book this date in your calendars and we will be in touch shortly with further details.

In relation to this, we have been in touch with local hotels and have some discount codes for you to book your stay. However, be advised that the number of rooms available is limited so first come first serve applies.

To be able to use the discount code, booking must be made either by phone or email to the respective hotel.

Hotell Åsen, Anderstorp (
Rabattkod: Qtech

Hotell Nissastigen, Gislaved (
Rabattkod: 135036

Hestraviken, Hestra (
Rabattkod: Qtech

Best regards from us at QTECH