This year has continued to be even tougher than last year. This affects not only us but for majority of companies in the market in terms of fluctuating prices, availability of raw materials and components for our industry. This has led to an increased workload internally by us where several articles are in need of multiple recalculations continuously. As we realized that this matter will continue, we have strengthened ourselves to handle the situation in the best possible way through increased employment at the departments where the workload has increased significantly. Factors such as shipping costs and electricity prices where we can influence to a certain extent, a strategy was set which is implemented with better agreements and more favorable intern delivery conditions.

To get us through this situation together, it is desirable with the upcoming summer holiday for a request that our customers can review purchasing needs over time.

MoQ have a huge impact to offer better unit prices since this affects shipping costs, minimum charges, set-up costs and packaging that needs to be included

It is now important that we together are solution-oriented and establish a strategy.
We hope that you see this as a high priority task where we gather strength for a long-awaited holiday for all of us after a turbulent time in the world market.

Remember Qtech will be closed during the period 18th of July until 7th of August.
So please update your systems and make sure all new orders will be in our hands latest 4th of July in order to be handled prior to vacation period. Most companies are closed for 4 weeks and orders which will be placed tight to deadline might not be acknowledge prior to vacation period.

Please share this information internally in your organization. 

Best regards,