Latest recruitment

Joachim Tapio is the newest addition to the marketing department here at Qtech where project management and customer care are the core focus area. The decision to bring Joachim onboard is largely based on the fact that Qtech understood very quickly the potential value in the knowledge Joachim brings and how it could be fostered to develop into a useful resource for the company. Joachim has gained a broad experience not only with employments in various industries but also through holding key positions in different functions. These include cutting processing, product development and design, IT/IS, quality and environment as well as business development.

“I personally want to be able offer expertise that our customers expect from us, to possesses knowledge that generate concrete and correct answers right from the start. Advocating close dialogue and contact in all social contexts, being responsive, listening to our clients and understanding their needs is a matter of course for me. With my new role here at Qtech, I see an opportunity to develop new concepts, not just for the company but for our customers as well. I am a problem-solver and I understand the responsibility that comes with this ability. I can sometimes become a bit eccentric when something strikes me as interesting but then I can quickly hone this energy to become very solution oriented. I also believe in being very considerate and always think about the people/colleagues around me. Besides my professional life, I spend most of my free time with family and friends, preferably with cooking as the focal point. I also enjoy working out in all its form, everything from MTB, Crossfit to trying out new types of physical exercises.”

Joachim Tapio

Sales Manager