Warehousing is one of the key services that we have offered our customers since the start. We provide complete warehousing and logistics solutions for our existing customers and to anyone looking for clean warehousing space. Qtech has a total indoor floor space of 5500 m2 and an additional 1500 m2 outdoors. With a ceiling height of 6.2 metres, this means our facility can accommodate around 1400 pallets indoors. The premises are directly monitored by SOS, and surveillance systems are in place throughout the property. The outdoor area is fenced, giving us even greater opportunities to optimise a solution to meet your needs. This area can be covered with storage tents or other outdoor logistics solutions. We are flexible in our value proposition and we’re happy to adapt our solution to your needs.

In connection with warehousing with us at Qtech, we also offer additional value-adding services such as order processing, booking, and unloading/loading, as well as checks of incoming goods. Working together with you, we put together the optimal comprehensive solution for you and your needs. 

Our location in Grand Prixgatan in Anderstorp offers many advantages. Not only are we just 25 minutes from the E4 motorway, Qtech also has a total plot area of 26,500 m2, giving us plenty of room to grow in our existing premises.

We have excellent knowledge of premises management, operation and logistics. both inside and outside the building. There are no bottlenecks when it comes to hiring skilled staff, we offer modern and efficient loading/unloading facilities in our loading bay, and we have clean and fresh premises and a cost structure that is more affordable than in the metropolitan regions. 

Qtech has chosen to offer this particular service because we know that there are many companies out there that have cramped facilities and need better logistics solutions. In combination with our other value offerings such as packaging/kitting and assembly, this means we can offer our customers a complete and coordinated solution.

We currently have one active customer, Baby Proffsen, which has its central warehouse with us.

Please contact us for more information and to discuss solutions for your specific needs. We look forward to hearing from you!

+46 70 911 17 28