We go the extra mile.

For today’s customer, prototyping is crucial. The development of the first product or a first series is often a critical factor affecting lead times. Qtech has therefore chosen to invest in an in-house prototype workshop, enabling us to offer a complete solution that is agile and fast, and goes the extra mile by adding value for our customers.

In our prototype workshop we offer manufacturing of single components, first-series production, spare parts manufacturing, and fixtures, along with check controls and design proposal by our skilled prototype technicians. In order to develop and further evolve these products, our workshop is equipped with two CNC machines, a 3-axis cutter, and a HAAS lathe. We also have manual lathes and cutters. The combination of automated and manual machines, along with skilled craftsmanship, creates a recipe for successful prototypes, and thereby satisfied customers. We always have raw material on our shelves to ensure that we hit the ground running and meet our customers’ requirements.

At Qtech, we love challenges. We know that, by leveraging the collective capabilities of our knowledgeable and skilled staff and our partner organisations, and by working in close collaboration with our customers, we can develop an optimal product. Our prototype technicians have extensive experience in industry, enabling us to provide product criticism. When we see that the product is not completely production-optimised, we work together with the project manager to understand and address your requirements and requests. Using Fusion 360 and SolidWorks software, we then make changes to our CAD/CAM system to provide you with a long-term solution that meets both your current and future needs.

Qtech provides a complete solution to the customer, which means that we must develop and optimise a number of different types of fixtures. This includes everything from machining fixtures to welding and assembly fixtures, all of which make our work more effective.

Do you want to find out more? Contact Jerry Tapio, or contact us via email so we can show you around our prototype workshop.

Machine models:
CNC Cutter Haas VM2
CNC Lathe Haas ST10
Cutter Micron