We use our GCC LaserPro engraver to  create value both internally and externally. Laser marking is stylish and attractive, and can be used for a variety of purposes. Maybe you would like to mark your products with part numbers, batch numbers, or logos to meet your own customers’ unique requirements. Or add some laser etching to give your product the final touch? If you work with designer merchandise or a product where your branding is extra important, you should consider the laser marking method. While the method can be used on most materials, should you have a special material that does not fit our machine, we will help you get the job done through one of our partners.

Our laser marking machine has a working area of 640 mm x 460 mm, and you can get any size of laser marking on your chosen material within these dimensions. As the name suggests, the engraving is done by laser, and the tone/colour varies depending on the material, so always run up a sample before you finally decide on this method.

Qtech offers laser marking in a comprehensive solution in which the customer orders a product that must be laser-marked, but we also offer this as a separate service. You provide the materials and we mark them for you. When we have spare capacity, we can even rent out the machine for you to operate on your own. In such cases, you will need to replace the plates yourself, but we will help you with set up and programming.

Don’t hesitate to contact Jerry Tapio if you have any questions.

Model: GCC LaserPro S290