Production-adapted design.

In many cases, design is a critical factor. In order to develop a value proposition, the product, its design, and its characteristics form the basis for its successful application.

At Qtech, we have developed the design department in our core area of mechanics because it is of the greatest importance that design is production-optimised. While conceptualisation of a product is only limited by one’s imagination, that product’s level of production-optimisation is an important factor to consider in the creation process. That’s why we work with designers to find the most optimal solution for our customers.

The first stage is often a hand-drawn sketch that is later developed and used as input for a design program, where the designer adapts the drawing to its intended application. We are seeing an increased interest in design, particularly for consumer products, and are proud to be able to offer this service to our clients. Qtech currently has a number of customers that are looking to evolve and expand in pace with their products. Together, we are creating the ultimate designs and models not only for the products and applications of today, but also for those of the future.

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