We cover the entire production cycle.

Assembly, kitting, and packaging are things that few companies consider value-adding operations, and are processes that many companies outsource to allow them to focus on the things they do well. Since the start, Qtech has chosen to focus on providing customised solutions so that the buyer can get a complete product delivered, regardless of whether it requires a simple assembly or something more complex.

We work according to customer-specific requirements and are very adept at handling both demanding orders and those that are a bit simpler. We work methodically and have full control through our business system, we deliver on the customer’s exact requirements specification, and we meet special orders, including labels and packing materials, as requested. 

Our own workshop and skilled technicians are a big advantage when assembling, because we build smart fixtures and solutions that make it easier for you as a customer, ensuring that your products are always delivered efficiently and exactly as ordered. Qtech helps you focus on your core business activities, and puts together a comprehensive solution for you, no matter how complex or detailed the requirements. 

We take care of kitting and packaging for you, everything from tiny mechanical components to be packed in specially customised boxes, to simple bags for screws. High and low is what characterises Qtech – we find the right balance and take full responsibility for quality. We are always trying to challenge ourselves and find improvements to make the flow even more efficient.

We are committed to always doing our utmost to ensure our customers are satisfied and confident in their partnership with us.

Please get in touch with us with your questions, so we can explain how we can help you with your challenges.