An important part of our value proposition includes project management services. At Qtech, we want to build long-term relationships with our customers, and use a strategic plan to give our customers extra added value. We are the buyer’s extended arm, and control and detailed planning are needed to ensure we can drive our projects quickly, efficiently, and with the right focus. 

We divide projects into two different categories: simple or complex projects. Simple projects involve more straightforward products, with project management implemented through our sales/order functions. 

More complex projects may involve a number of different components, operations, and assembly/kitting, which means that many different players are involved. For these projects, we appoint a project manager who holds the case together. In collaboration with the customer, we build new values, work with financial scalability, and reach new goals

We apply agile project management at Qtech, which means that we work with speed and agility, and focus on the right things at the right time. Qtech is growing and we have chosen a strategy in which we put a focus and commitment on project management from an early stage. 

As the smart industry revolution continues to transform the world of manufacturing, the benefits of effective project management can no longer be denied. The world is changing rapidly, and our customer requirements are also changing. We must therefore design and implement projects in a smart way if we are to deliver the customer’s expected solution.

At Qtech, we prioritise these parts of the projects:

  • Communication throughout the project
  • The right resources based on the customer’s requirements specification
  • On-time deliveries, both externally and internally
  • Ensuring that quality permeates everything we do
  • Working smart and with the right suppliers
  • Continuous risk assessment and risk minimisation

Please contact Sofia Davidsson for more information or if you have any questions.