Agile project management

We at Qtech want to work long-term with our customers and customer service is always in focus for us. We work with agile project management, which means that we have the opportunity to work quickly and efficiently with our customers.

Industrial design

Design in mechanical construction is something we at Qtech work with and constantly develop. We work with designers who work with us to create the most optimal solution for you as a customer.

Mechanical construction

At Qtech, we work with CAD / CAM programs and CSN machines to create the design you are looking for, we have a number of employees who work with drawing theory and quality. We think production-adapted so that your design will last all the way and we have the competence to give constructive criticism of your drawings at an early stage.


Qtech works to develop, streamline and add what is missing in our own production. We at Qtech believe that collaboration is the key to success, which is why we work with around 50 different suppliers in our local area.


Qtech sews together a complete solution for you regardless of the degree of difficulty of detail, we work methodically and have full control through our business system. We pack everything from smaller mechanical components to simpler screw bags. We work for you as a customer.

Laser marking

We offer laser marking both as a complete solution and as a stand-alone part. The laser marking method is applicable to most materials, if your particular material does not fit our machine, we will solve it via our partners.

Prototype workshop

We offer production of one-piece details, pre-series production, spare parts production and fixtures. Our workshop is equipped with 2 CNC machines, a 3-axis cutter and a HAAS lathe.


Warehousing is one of our key services. We offer logistics solutions for both existing customers but also for you who are looking for warehousing space. We also offer order handling, booking, unloading / loading and arrival control.