To our valued customers,

We are once again getting indications on further disruptions that will be impacting raw material prices and our entire value chain.

The significantly lower supply, longer lead times and prices that increased sharply during the year have not gone unnoticed in terms of not only metal but also plastic alloys, toner/pigments, packaging, freight, etc.

As you probably know, there has been a significant increase in the energy prices for both households and the industry. Energy-intensive industries in particular have faced the greatest challenges which in the larger context affects the global steel production and distribution.

In the current supply situation, energy costs will be another strain on us and our suppliers. More specifically now when the steel producers have informed us that an energy permium will be introduced for deliveries from November 2021.

We as suppliers do our utmost to ensure that the impact of disruptions like rising energy prices can be minimized to the best of our capabilities. However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that this extra cost is unavoidable if the material flow is to be maintained. Our material suppliers are currently conducting intensive negotiations with the material producers regarding energy premiums and their design. Therefore, we kindly request your consideration and understanding on this matter and to allow us the opportunity to return with the specifics of what this entails in the future.

At the same time, we want to thank our customers for their cooperation in these turbulent times and we sincerely hope for your continued cooperation and understanding in overcoming disruptions that fall beyond our control.

Best regards,