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Do you want to streamline your Supply Chain?

1 December, 2020

Many buyers are taking note of the benefits reaped by the companies that have moved production close to their markets. Instead of focussing solely on low cost production for example in China or India evidence is beginning to emerge on how the supply chains become increasingly robust with the repatriation of production. Through keeping productions […]

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Learn how to find savings in your organisation

Mitigating complexity in your supply chain would often lead to a number of saving opportunities. One such approach may be through delegating certain assembly functions to the supplier. Which means that you a customer do not have to undertake all your assembly in production. This coupled with the warehousing services provided by customer leads to […]

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Joachim Tapio markanadansvarig på Qtech

Latest recruitment

26 November, 2020

Joachim Tapio is the newest addition to the marketing department here at Qtech where project management and customer care are the core focus area. The decision to bring Joachim onboard is largely based on the fact that Qtech understood very quickly the potential value in the knowledge Joachim brings and how it could be fostered […]

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