At Qtech Group, we help our customers shorten supply chains for mechanical components. We work in close collaboration with suppliers in our local vicinity to manufacture made-in-Sweden components, with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction.

We act as an extended sales organisation by working transparently with our customers and with a long-term perspective. For more complex requests, we offer complete solutions that include design, in-house prototype construction, manufacturing, as well as warehousing and kitting, to deliver a complete product to the end customer.

We prioritise ensuring product quality and providing exceptional service to our customers throughout the process. Eighty percent of our suppliers are in our close vicinity, and have strengths that complement each other. When you come to us with a complex request, we utilise the expertise in our supplier network to propose solutions that are both smart and effective.

Our comprehensive range of services makes us an extended sales organisation where, in close collaboration with our customers, we can design, manufacture, and manage the entire process. Our in-house prototyping capabilities, including high-quality measuring instruments and skilled personnel, enable us to quickly produce machined components that perfectly match your specifications and satisfy product standards. We can even store your products, or package and deliver them to your customers.